Whole Plant

Fiona honours the medicinal power of plants believing they are true allies of our body and soul.

In a radical move away from the mainstream, Fiona believes whole plants are most compatible with the skin and body.  That the synergy of the plant is best recognised, received, accessed and absorbed by the body when whole and complex.  

Fiona chooses only brands, products and tools of the utmost integrity for her treatments and home skin care ritual recommendations.


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Whole plant literally means plants in their whole state; in skin care this means a move away from single isolated extracts and no synthetics (nothing made in a laboratory).

Only the highest quality, most carefully ingredients and skin care products are chosen; oils, aromatic waters, herbs, flowers and spices create powerful and nurturing skin and soul care.

Skin is supported and biome {flora} balanced as healthy changes are strengthened at a cellular level.

Fiona is a certified aromatherapist creating beautiful, aromatic synergist blends to transport clients and transform skin.

Fiona loves to work with skin care companies teaching, writing training and developing approaches to wholeness within other brands. If you would like to work with her please contact Fiona to see if you would be a good fit.