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The facial experience of Fiona’s methodology The Shift.  An integrated full facial The Shift treats your whole body and face as necessary.  This means frequently your facial begins prone [face down] for some Shiatsu style holistic breath, fascia release and body work to clear pathways. Not a back massage in the traditional sense but instead a specific release to those muscles directly influencing the jaw, face and cranium. You then turn over before your cranium, face, neck and shoulders are massaged and treated with raw, organic oils, aromatic flower waters and whole plants.

The Shift | the facial is quietly powerful, deeply therapeutic and utterly unique in that it guides us to owning who we are with fierce love, able to embrace each decade of our life with grace and love.

 The Shift | the facial shows us a new way.  One in which both our skin and inner self are:

supported not controlled | released not repressed | comforted not punished

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Vitality and radiance are not about 'wrinkle-free'. Never will you hear Fiona speak of 'anti-wrinkle' or 'anti-ageing'. Instead it is change at a cellular level which Fiona is focused on and seeks to support. A kindling of the embers of our true self with a gentle dissolution of the harsh internal dialogue that has been cultivated within us all is that which she seeks to activate and transform.

It is shifting the tone of this inner voice that Fiona believes is secret to resetting challenging skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Those which speak of deep disconnections, a misaligned life, raging self-doubt and sharp criticisms.

The Shift | the facial is a radical beginning - one where there is no pointing out of constructed flaws, or highlighting of industry-identified imperfections...Because we can all too easily pull ourselves apart and not one of us needs assistance with that. Instead, The Shift | the facial is here to gently put you back together to remind you of your own blinding beauty and to restore you a place of homeostasis (balance) so that you can more easily honour your strength, resilience, wisdom and grace.

Skin and self are supported through highly skilled touch and the awakening of an inner alignment which your body has been seeking all along.

When we are lit from within and shift to a place of love we start to vibrate at our highest frequency; this is reflected in our face, the shape of our features and luminous radiance of our skin proving that age is an irrelevance to how full of beauty we can be at any decade.

Movements such as:

Fascia release

Deep tissue massage

Lymphatic drainage



Amma shiatsu

Trigger point therapy

Cranio-sacral rhythms

Swedish and holistic techniques

Fiona also incorporates tools such as:

Ayurvedic kansa wands

TCM inspired Gua Sha crystal massage

Facial cupping techniques

Hot and cold stone medicine

Chakra smoking and smoke aura cleansing

Reiki and energy work





Love for The Shift



The Shift | the facial

radical better ageing with perspective, presence and love

60-120 mins*

Location: Spain | €107

London | waiting list

*The length of your facial The Shift | the facial is intuitively adjusted by Fiona to the specific needs of you and your skin.  Fiona takes this element of trust very seriously.  Sometimes skin and soul need a little more, others a little less.  It is frequently the most reactive skins which need the least time but the most skill.