Fiona is developing a new training course designed specifically for facialists and beauty therapists wanting to transition to a darker green practice. It will ensure all those delivering facials have the skills and resources to begin a new, radical, pro-ageing skin care practice.


The Shift |the training

The Shift | the training is aimed at massage and beauty therapists, facialists, aestheticians and holistic practitioners.  Through specific take-home techniques it shows you how to expand your practice and deliver world class transformative treatments every single time.  

The Shift is the next level in treatment delivery.  It is a non-brand specific elevation and unfurling into your greatest potential.  Felt quickly by both practitioner and client the impact of The Shift is long lasting.  This is no quick fix but instead a perennial revolution witnessed within.  Because when we are lit we shine and it is utterly magnetising. 

Unlock your own spaciousness for your client to find theirs.To


This is the soul medicine you have been searching for. That which you know your clients need and that you can learn to give.

Do you feel locked in; behind the couch, in your protocol, in yourself?

Are you reaching the full height of your potential?

Do you keep learning more and more techniques but feel unable to develop them into your own unique practice or you feel stuck when it comes to putting them all together with confidence?

Is there something missing in your practice that you can’t quite put your finger on?

Do you feel the deep disconnect within your client and want to facilitate a powerful reconnection?

The Shift is what you have been searching for to draw all your previous trainings together in your own unique way: A radical new practice rooted in your own cathartic realisations of wholeness.

“A volcano of change in my personal life cracked me open and this mirrored an explosive breakthrough in the treatment room. As I slowly became more and more reconnected with myself I became increasingly aware of the disconnection between my clients and myself as well as reaching a new understanding of the deep feelings of detachment and isolation within many clients. I could no longer use the conventional products and practice as I had done before…A new warm wind blew in and with it were carried the particles of new and vibrant shift.”


Shift (verb) A Shift (noun)

A change in something or adjustment in the way something is done

You can make a shift (verb) or you can just shift (noun)

The Shift | More than a practice...A movement


As practitioners it is through living our best, most connected lives that there is transference to others to be themselves:  By giving ourselves permission to expand and soften into self-compassion we pass that permission onto our clients. 

This is medicine.  A spiral of healing directed by the inner stillness, sensitivity of touch and expansive movement of the practitioner.  For it is only by coming home to ourselves we allow others to embody their own sense of wholeness.

The Shift:  the training guides you to unlock a new perspective in your treatment room, sharing specific practices to support an instant shift.  A shift which unpicks the seams of self in order to reset the nervous system, soften tissue, release adhesions, stagnations and insecurities and strengthen the connection to the heart. 

heart before hands | soil before breath 

The Shift | the training