The Shift | the facial

As a client you will be fully seen by a skilled and transformative touch, in a space fully held for you.  If you have never have experienced this before you will amazed at the deep peace, inner healing and outer radiance it brings.

The Shift the facial creates change at a cellular level and these manifest outwardly as a light body, fresh skin and sparkling, clear eyes reflecting a more secure, accepted and grounded sense of self.

In a radical transition away from everything 'anti-ageing'  and 'anti-self' The Shift is instead an embracing of our whole and authentic self just as we are right now. 

The Shift | the facial is radical better ageing with perspective, presence and love.

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The Shift | the training

Aimed specifically at qualified beauty and massage therapists, facialists and holistic practitioners The Shift | the training shows you how to expand your practice and deliver world class treatments every single time.

You will finally realise your full potential as Fiona masterfully guides you to step wholeheartedly into your own individual gifts and skill.  You will feel your practice shift up to that place you know you are capable of but can be unsure how to reach.

The Shift the training teaches you how to embody an expansive wholeness which is truly transformational and life changing for both you and your client. Learn how to combine a unique spaciousness with refined, highly skilled and informed  touch.