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The Ritual is a personal whole body ceremony to bring a profound sense of ease and calm along with physical and inner alignment.  Through deep rest and a complete reset we become renergized and more awake.

Created for all and especially those who put themselves out into the world physically, mentally and spiritually The Ritual is the perfect reset for high performance athletes, and high achievers in all fields including performers, actors,  entrepreneurs, CEO’s and all who carry the weight of responsibility coupled with the courage to remain open.  

The Ritual is a whole body treatment with a focus on the back, as it is our back which is the spine of our stories.  The Ritual restores feelings of a firmly rooted centeredness through deep cellular release and regeneration.

Carefully designed to trigger a relaxation response in both the physical and metaphysical body - where the nervous system slows, blood pressure decreases, both solid and fluid tissues release and unwind The Ritual soothes you to remember and rediscover a place of pause, rest and healing.

Particularly useful in assisting a speedier recover and significantly easing chronic and persistent pain and stress.

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Blending subtle but powerful advanced whole body massage movements with energy healing The Ritual is inspired by the potent physical release of Chua Ka or ‘bone cleansing’ - the ancient massage used by Mongolian warriors after battle - Fiona has created her own techniques to free physical trauma and held emotional memories in the tissues and soul.

Special resins and flowers, woods and leaves are burnt to release residual energy as well as enhance and fortify a return to your authentic self.  Crystals, symbols, mantras, high-vibe organic aromatic waters and oils are used in combination with hands-on massage and full energy balancing.

The Ritual provides a consciously held sacred and safe space in which to fully loosen and uncoil.  The past is cleared, the present embraced and new intentions opened.  You and your body are supported and inspired to a powerful place of self-healing.

You feel deeply rested, refreshed and centred.

The Ritual is for everyone, however, if you are under a lot of physical pressure; exhausted; strung out or living with any kind of ongoing deeply-set stress or long-term pain then it will be very beneficial for you.

“The Ritual encourages you to step fully into your own healing through non-static stillness and deep rest created through the hypnotic synchronization of movement, touch and breath.  You remember all the possibilities that fill your future whilst finding restoration and solace in the present.”

The Ritual is built around a bespoke whole body blend of the following:

Fascia release

Deep tissue massage

Lymphatic drainage


Amma shiatsu

Hypnotic Ayurvedic sweeps

Cranio-sacral rhythms

Swedish and holistic techniques


Ayurvedic kansa wands

TCM inspired Gua Sha crystal massage

Hot and cold stone medicine

Chakra smoking and aura cleansing with woods and resins

Reiki and energy flow



Flower offerings



Love for The Ritual



The Ritual

60-90 mins*

Spain | €120

London | waiting list

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*As with most of Fiona’s practice the length of time The Ritual takes is intuitively decided, please allow for a minimum of 60mins and a maximum of 90mins: Fiona takes the trust this unique way of working demands very seriously indeed.