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The Lift is specifically designed by Fiona to lift face, heart and soul.  Your skin and spirit are powerfully boosted.  You glow.  The Lift is a face massage with a sole focus on the face, cranium, neck, occiput, shoulders, décolleté and axilla.  Alleviating visible signs of stress, anxiety, blockages and stagnations in the face The Lift quickly gets rid of tight jaws, headaches, puffiness, sagging folds, downward creases, neck tensions and congestions.

Your face will feel different.  You will walk taller.  You feel as light as air yet more firmly reconnected to the earth.

restores contours | illuminates | defines | shapes 

The Lift photo lines of gua sha.jpg

Rather than a focus on speed of movement, powerful  cellular release comes with an expert, intuitive and experienced touch.  Fiona’s sensitve, confident hands soothe, sculpt and redefine the contours of your face and neck.

An alchemy of transformation occurs and we are simultaneously rooted back down to the earth whilst being raised up.  As we begin to thaw and ease, Fiona expertly encourages a physical and emotional release of tensions in all layers of your facial tissue.


Combined protocol of specialised lifting massage techniques and tools, raw, organic infused whole plant oils and flower waters make this a unique and powerful face massage.  It is perfect to take as a short course to dramatically leap skin health forward.  


The Lift will contain some or all of the following:

Fascia release

     Deep oil cleanse with steam towels

      Lymphatic drainage

      Deep tissue massage

      Deep bone palpation

      Cranio-sacral rhythms

      TCM Gua Sha inspired lifting and draining techniques

      Facial cupping

      Ayurvedic kansa wand



Love for The Lift



The Lift | the face massage

60 mins

Location: Spain | €80

London | waiting list