the retreat

The Shift is launching at the Laurel Whole Plant Organics Holistic Esthetics Retreat in California October 2018

Fiona is thrilled and excited to be launching her classes The Shift and Anatomy from the Heart at the Laurel Whole Plants Organics retreat at the beautiful 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, California.

30 September 2018 – 4 October 2018

Laurel says “...I am so honored to be hosting our second holistic esthetics retreat with some of the most brilliant skincare teachers in the world!  Angela Peck, Fiona Harlowe, Cecily Braden, Kate Tennant and Lily Miza. 

Featuring panels by true experts in their field Britta Plug, Oresta Korbutiak, Hayley Wood, The Skin Shamanista, Ava Trujillo and Kana Brown.

And beautiful self care rituals hosted by nurturing souls Honua Hawaiian Skincare and Lotuswei Flower Essences products. 

We are awakening to the truth about where our food comes from, and by extension, where our skincare comes from.  Like the food we eat, the beneficial skincare is made with raw, organic, farm sourced, handcrafted ingredients.” 

Laurel Shaffer, founder, formulator, plant communicator, loving center and driving force behind Laurel Whole Plant Organics.

whole plant organics

Organic plant medicine for the skin.  Slow Beauty pioneered and mastered, by working intimately with small farms from seed to bottle.