Fire and Earth Ruby zoisite crystal photo.JPG

Fire and Earth

Crystals make such beautiful tools in the treatment room adding energetic amplification to our work as well elevating our home skin care practice with ease. 

Even though they can provide both physical tissue relief whether it is fluid tissue (lymphatic drainage) and compressing solid tissue (connective and muscle fibers) to aid trigger point release crystals are so easy to use.  Some of my favourite crystal tools are the most simple, like smooth and cooling rose quartz wands, to relieve hot and overheated, flushing skin and dramatically reduce puffy eyes especially at this humid end of a long summer. Or my number one choice, the classic Jade Gua Sha, to deliver unsurpassed contouring and sculpting to the face like no other.

R U B Y  A N D  Z O I S I T E

Ruby zoisite {anyolite} is one of my most treasured and potent crystal allies both in and out of the treatment room for those needing a more tender touch. Sparkling red ruby (FIRE) embedded in light green, soft zoisite (EARTH) makes this one of the prettiest stones – it is also one of the most quietly and subtly powerful.  It does not bring the instantly discernible hit of bright Amethyst but instead a slow burning, a long lasting blossoming of the sweetest emotions.

The high vibrations of ruby zoisite activate feelings of love and remembered bliss in our heart {especially when love is an emotion we find it hard to authentically hold for ourselves}.  This ancient Masai stone is perfect for the warriors of world; those who hold strength for others but have to bury their own vulnerabilities deep and are prone to feel emotional exposure as weakness when it is actually the root of their blinding strength.  It is particularly good at softening hearts that have become hard and armored through ache and protection.

Ruby zoisite will quietly dissolve any negativity we are holding against ourselves; specifically pacifying and soothing that sharp voice inside our head {especially the one that can be fuelled by the blades of others incorrect perceptions and misunderstandings of us}.

The earthing quality of the stone helps to draw all repetitive anxious thought into the ground where they diffuse into the soil.  It helps us to release our most embedded fears and supporting us gently to a place of emotional safety and security this ruby stone helps to ease anxiety at times of increased pressure.

Heals old emotional wounds. Ruby zoisite lifts and replaces grief, despair, anger, longing with happiness, acceptance, forgiveness and joy. 

H O M E  U S E

Place in your bath, under your pillow, next to your bed.

Lie down, warm and comfortable, with both knees raised up – this relieves pressure from your lower back and allows your hara (the core of your intuition and spirit) to feel safe and protected.  Rest your ruby zoisoite directly onto your skin on your heart (centre of your chest).   Breathe into your belly, long and deep.  Listen to your favourite relaxing music; the songs that spark your heart.  Sink down into the drift and float. 

I N  T H E  T R E A T M E N T  R O O M

All rounded stones are helpful for relieving jaw tensions & TMJ pain. I love to use the soft, soapy ruby zoisite to gently release and loosen jaws stiff with tight tissues.   

1.     Move up and down in flowing, soft movement over entire neck.

2.     Then concentrate on the posterior occiput regions, moving medially to SCM and platysma.

3.     Roll medially to laterally along the jawline and spin in, over and around the ramus of the mandible.

4.     With care lean into the tender points of the TMJ, using your body weight to increase pressure not the force of hand.

Also shown in photo: Rose quartz heart {to amplify the energy of the other crystals} & clear quartz points {which I use to infuse oils & aromatic waters with their high silica content which will help strengthen connective tissues like collagen}.