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Features are moulded

faces are shaped; cellular memory casts how we think, look, feel and move

be softer with you.

you are a breathing thing.

a memory to someone.

a home to a life.

nayyirah waheed


Our edited, written and rewritten personalised solid versions the fluid past are always within.  We all have multiple hidden worlds running concurrently with our present.  Galaxies of remembrance, recollection and recall concealed beneath our skin; our personal Milky Way, often individually indistinguishable but a part of our unique nucleus nonetheless.

C E L L U L A R  M E M O R Y

Features are molded, faces are shaped and the living breath of our bones is whittled by that which we cling to as well as that which we allow to be recast and transform.  Cellular memory shapes how we feel and thus our appearance (the way we look) our posture, thoughts, choices and how we move.  It will influence how we respond in the future as well as how we behave in the present. 

If we do not open to the softening of forgiveness but instead cling on in bitterness, anger and regret then these can take root in our body causing dis-ease.

As a holistic facialist I feel these emotions mostly in connective tissue, both serious and solid as if we are somehow trying to tie pieces of ourselves together.  Detecting the faintest and fine spun changes of energy and locked in emotion in the visceral cord of fascia simultaneously sinewy thread and sheath holding us all together (holding in) whilst the liquid lymph cleansing and flushing (clearing out).

It is also about going beyond the acridity of disappointment, fear, sadness and regret to create big shifts – for these are the smaller emotions, the ones which get lodged in our physical cells and change our anatomy.  To really release cellular memory we must connect our inner wisdom (ancestral – intuitive – gut instinct) with the larger macrocosm (the Earth and the Universe).  We must learn from our human emotions and use them to understand how to bring our life into alignment.

Whether we are aware of it or not we feel the changes in the multiple rhythms of our own body.  Our electrical impulses, the beat of the heart, the pulse of the blood, the lymphatic flows, the quiet movement of the cerebrospinal liquid, cellular renewal, digestive processes, reproductive cycles, as well as the wider rhythms of the seasons, the moon and all the planets.  We feel all this movement within every cell of our body.  When cellular memories create a change in this rhythm we feel that too.

We are at once vibrating to our own rhythms whilst by our very nature of being human also connected to the strong pull of the Universe.  Our own lives uniquely unfolding yet remaining connected to the volcanic rumblings, tidal ebbs, everyday dawning and setting and to the passing of time itself. 

B R I N G I N G  B A L A N C E

It is not easy to bring our rhythms into balance but that is what we must try to do to lead an aligned life and fulfill our true potential.  Our body has the most amazing capacity for renewal and resilience and it is itself striving for homeostasis between every breath.  Our cells are set to move, in unity, towards health.  It is us who moves away from it and struggles to let go of the emotional baggage we weigh our own bodies down with.  However, it is this very lack of harmony and a lack of balance, when our cells are out of synch that can lead to chronic illness and dis-ease.

C E L L U L A R  R E L E A S E
It is possible to return to cellular integrity for it is simply a return to our true self that we should be aiming for; opening pathways, clearing stagnations, nourishing deficiencies.  There are many ways to do this.  Here are a few suggestions:

R E T E L L I N G  O U R  S T O R I E S

We are the person in control of our narratives and we can retell them any time.  When we rewrite our stories (from bitterness, regret and fear to love and learnt lessons) and reset our cellular body.  The key is to not invest in long-term fears and focus on forgiveness and trust.  The Hoponopono prayer is a very beautiful and simple tool for this.  A simple mantra to repeat over and over again and support the transformation of painful memories and trigger healing at a cellular level.  It is a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness primarily directed at ourselves:

Hoponono prayer.PNG


Touch can be as releasing as it is soothing to the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest, digest and healing mode). 

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The Ritual

I have created The Ritual, a powerful whole body treatment, to help release and support a shift in cellular memory.

It is a personal ceremony which gently encourages you to step fully into your own healing through non-static stillness and a deep reset created through the hypnotic synchronization of a movement of touch and breath.  The Ritual takes you to your own place of safety so that you can remember all the possibilities that fill you whilst finding restoration and solace in the present.


S E A S O N A L  R H Y T H M S  A N D  T R A N I S I T I O N S

Acknowledging and following seasonal rhythms helps support our body, mind and soul gently back into balance.  This can be both the seasonal rhythms of our life as well as the seasonal transitions of the year.  There are the transitions of our body from being a child to being an adolescent to being an adult and maybe parenthood to transitioning to menopause and eventually death.  In the original medicine of India (Ayurveda), there are three different chapters of our life are seen in the same way as the yearly seasons and intrinsically linked to the three Doshas (or constitutions):

Kapha (childhood:  corresponds with spring)

Pitta (adulthood:  corresponds with summer and early autumn)

Vata (from the age of 50 - onwards:  corresponds with late autumn and winter)

Then there are, of course, the transitions of the life we lead; relationships, marriage, divorce, changing jobs, friendships etc. each need to be navigated with an open heart and the skill of connectedness (remaining open to the way one thing flows to the next).  Learning to walk through our transitions with an open heart and an intention of joy is healing to the body in itself. 

Both the original medicines of India (Ayurveda) and China (TCM) show us how to live in line with seasons from the food we eat, to the exercise we take, to the oils we use on our skin.  Very simply it can just be a case of slowing down and cosying up in winter whilst living in a more open, outgoing and sociable way in the summer months.  To find out more about this take a look at the suggestions of Rhiannon Griffiths [find her on IG @rg_acupuncture].  Rhiannon is a Five Element acupuncturist on hand to guide and assist through the seasonal changes we can make when following the rhythms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

E N E R G E T I C  L I S T E N I N G

Our bodies can be both our battlefields or our saviours.  But it’s more likely they will be both.  Learning to receive and release cellular memory takes intention, practice and discipline.  When we can hear what our body is telling us then we are most able to nourish ourselves correctly, thus returning to balance and returning to our self.  It takes softening and surrender.  We just need to slow, quiet and tune into what our body (intuition – hara – gut instinct) is telling us.  Meditation, a form of active listening, is perfect for this or transforming any act into meditative practice (which can be anything from cooking, to gardening to doing the washing up).  An intentional quiet will open up space for us to hear what our cells are telling us.

We can practice the skill of listening to energy in our everyday lives.  

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Space to be fully ourselves

it's all we want and all our body needs.