First of all why incorporate intentional fascia work in radical, pronging facials? What are the benefits?

Where to start in answering that question! So intrinsic is fascial work in proageing facials. In a nutshell releasing solid myofascial adhesions and thickenings, fluid back logs, blockages and back ups, especially in certain ‘junctions’ of the head, neck and upper thorax is key to re-establishing the flow that gives the body the space to heal itself. In facials the benefits of this created space is seen immediately as luminous inner and outer radiance.

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Fiona HarloweComment

These are the two balms that have changed everything for me, by two brands changing everything in the skin care industry.  Two brands who are forging new paths, showing us that there are other ways to have our best skin at every age; that there is another way to tend and care for our skin and open new spaces for us to feel the full beauty of our selves just as we are {not as we’re told we should be}.

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