anatomy from the heart

part one | active anatomy | the face

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UPDATED FACIAL ANATOMY COURSE COMING SOON Over the past few months training across the globe Fiona has identified a real need for a more comprehensive and connective facial anatomy course aimed specifically at facialists, beauty therapists and therapists offering facials. She is currently developing this as Fiona has a real passion that all radical, pro-ageing facials be rooted in solid clinical foundations and expansive knowledge.


This is the first class is the series of teachings Fiona has created to support her unique method, The Shift.  It is a active holistic anatomy concerned with holding an idea of spiritual wholeness whilst honouring and understanding the individual mechanisms of the human body.

Witness anatomy in a new way.  Learn a skilled and connective palpation which is treatment in itself, supporting a release of cellular memory and resetting the body.

In a dramatic move away from dry anatomy classes Fiona blends a fresh approach to an increased understanding of active anatomy using intention, stillness, meditation and movement.

“I realised that although I had spent a lot of time learning anatomy, I had very little real knowledge on how to locate and really feel and understand these structures in my clients. I set about changing this and have developed a unique approach to anatomy which leads directly to increased confidence and skill in how to understand and interpret what you are feeling underneath your hands.”

Written by Fiona Anatomy from the Heart is a unique introduction to a connective holistic approach to anatomy which is concerned with wholeness rather than a concentration on the individual parts.  

Includes Cellular Shift Protocol which can be incorporated into any facial and massage, giving extra depth to any treatment.

Anatomy from the Heart forms the roots to the radicle of The Shift movement.

Radicle:  The first root that comes from a plant is called a radicle.

Root:  Source or origin.  The part of the plant which attaches itself to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches.