About Fiona Harlowe

Fiona has an exquisite alchemic touch. A supraliminal practitioner she believes in facilitating an unfurling and blooming both within and without her clients. Using a highly developed sensitivity Fiona accesses subtle vibrations to gently open and hold an expansive space creating a soft place for you to land.


Driven to find a new and authentic facial practice which embraces the whole body, whole plant and comes from an open heart, Fiona has developed The Shift, a radical new and distinctive expansive practice.  Renowned for her integrity, professionalism and connective inspirational approach Fiona has a natural warmth, compassion and quietly impressive confidence.

Drawn to the original medicines of Ayurveda, herbalism and massage from a young age Fiona trained as a beauty therapist when she was 30 and begun the lifelong path of learning in a more focused way about the body, spirit and plants. 


“The freedom that a safe surrender gifts in a held space is like the sweetest water on the most parched tongue. It is to finally find our way back to our authentic self with grace and love.”

After years of treating solely the surface of the skin, spent focusing on developing an advanced aesthetic practice, Fiona realised that true transformation begins on the inside and that real change and long lasting shifts start always at a cellular level.  

Fiona made a radical shift to progressive holistic approach. 

"Cellular memory is something I have become fascinated with over the course of my life. Whether it’s the teachings of my own physical body (and there have been many) and learning to soften into the braille of my scars or sensing the withhold and calcification within those on my treatment couch, I have come to understand that until we are able to allow for the alchemy of transformation, deep within each cell of our being, that which we hang onto will remain buried unable to release.  Only when we can shift can we become whole."
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It is the wisdom teachings of the physical and psychospiritual forces that breathe life into us that fascinate Fiona.  Anatomy of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body is where her curiosity drives a deep desire for continual enquiry and learning.  Like the connective tissues of the body Fiona likes to spin webs of association, exploring ancient medicines, whilst rooted in the wonders of Western anatomical knowledge, she then applies her insights directly to her practice in the treatment room.

Fiona understands the real power of a treatment to not lie in the speed and sleight of hand but instead in the slow stillness of rhythmic motion.  Sinking into that place of drift and float where our body is able to regenerate as it needs.


Fiona is currently studying Advanced Clinical Massage (ACMT), the first year of the BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage, at  Jing Advance Massage Training  in the UK.  

Fiona's qualifications include:

BA in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London 

Masters in Women’s Studies from East London University

Qualifications from the International Therapy Examination Board in Massage Therapy (Distinction) and Aromatherapy (Distinction)

Aesthetician with International Aestheticians for 15 years

Reiki Practitioner